Bauer Pike Wire - 5 meter

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Very good nylon coated leader material from Partridge. 20 lbs is perfect for perch fishing while 40 lbs is superb for your pike fly leaders.

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What is this?

We love to use this nylon coated 49 strand stainless steel wire from Partridge for two fields-of-use; as a pike fly leader (40 lbs) or as a thin leader for perch fishing with jigs, hard baits etc. (20 lbs). 

It's very easy to attach your swivel, snap, hook or lure to the wire with a simple blood knot. Click here to see a simple video how to make a blood knot. If you prefer, you can also attach it by twisting the wire a few turns around itself and melt the nylon coating together with a lighter or with a candle.

Available in 20 and 40 lbs. 5 meters.