Fin-S Fish 10 cm

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Classic softbait for perch and zander fishing. Great for drop shot fishing.

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The Fin-S Fish is already a classic softbait for perch and zander fishing. A superbait with thin, deep-bodied profile and forked tail. Amazing fish catching action and color patterns that capture the appearance of various baitfish species. Extra-durable plastic. It's a perfect lure for drop shot fishing. 

Our recommendation is to use this lure on a drop shot rig with Strike Wire Fluorocarbon 0,28 mm as leader. As hook, use the Owner Mosquito in size 2 and as weight the enviromental friendly BFT Dropshot Tungsten Pencil Weight

Available in the colors Arkansas Shiner, Blue Ice, Limetreuse and Rootbeer Firetail. Comes in 10-pack, except the color Rootbeer Firetail that comes in 8-pack.