Boogie Craw 75 - 10 pack



A crawfish imitation from Gunki, perfect for perch fishing.

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The perch is a true omnivore and they feed on basically anything they can find - everything from smaller fish, worms, shrimps and, in many lakes, also a lot of crayfish. In these lakes, a crawfish imitation is many times the key to success. 

Rig it on a Owner Ultra Jig Head size 3/0 or an Owner J Hook Offset size 4/0 for Texas or Carolina rigging (click here to see how to rig it). Best worked by twitching along the bottom. Shellfish flavour and salt are impregnated in the body. 

If there are no crayfish in your home water, try to cut off the "claws" and suddenly you have a great shrimp or bug imitation that the perch love!

7,5 cm, comes in 10 pack. Avalible in Pumpkin Green Fleck, Lime Chart and Black Blue Flake.

Nam nam

Dom bara gillar den liksom ...abborren ....betet man aldrig glömmer första gången man använder det....och inte fisken heller smells like!! But DAMN :) try it


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A crawfish imitation from Gunki, perfect for perch fishing.