Ribster 11,5 cm - 10 pack Ice Shad

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Ribster jig from Lunker City. Perfect to rig on an offset hook for Texas or Carolina rigging.

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The 11,5 cm Ribster jig is a perfect perch, bass, zander and walleye lure that works excellent rigged on an offset hook for Texas and Carolina rigging. It could imitate a baitfish as well as a worm and the perch love them both.

Rig it on an Owner J-Hook Offset size 2/0 or 3/0 behind a Bullet Weight and a Force Bead on a 0,35 mm fluorcarbon leader for texas rigging. Click here to see video on how to rig and use the Texas Rig and Carolina Rig!

To add color and scent, paint it with a Spike-It Scent marker in your favorite color.

11,5 cm, comes in 10 pack.

Watch how to tie a drop shot rig here.

great lure!!

i catch a 50cm perch with this weapon