Swimmin' Ribster 10 cm - 10 pack

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Super cool jig for perch fishing with a movement that you (and the fish) have probably never seen before!

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The Swimmin' Ribster by Lunker City is a hybrid between the standard Ribster and a paddle tail swimbait. This results in a crazy movement in the water that most predatory fish can't resist.

The ringed body style helps the lure to project a bulky appearance, as the outer diameter of the rings defines the lure's appearance, while the substantially smaller diameter of the core allows flexibility impossible to attain in a bait as chubby as the Swimmin Ribster appears to be.

Perfect for Texas and Carolina rigging with an Owner J Hook Offset size 2/0 or 3/0 together with a Tungsted Bullet Weight, a Force Bead and some 0,35 fluorcarbon. You can also rig it on a traditional Owner Ultra Jighead size 3/0 or 4/0.

Click here to see video on how to rig and use the Texas Rig and Carolina Rig!

10 cm, comes in 10 pack. Available in Arkansas Shiner, Limetreuse, Ice Shad and Motor Oil Pepper.