Allround Fishingset Spinning

  • Darts PRO Leader PIKE steel, 90lb (41 kg) (price: $8.04)
  • NAYS PRDTR 8,5 cm 9-pack, C03 (price: $9.67)
  • SPRO Jig Head Jig22, 5/0, 5gr (price: $3.97)
  • Flatnose Mini - Arkansas Shiner 10-pack (price: $14.15)
  • Berkley® Zilla Flanker 11cm, Perch (price: $14.15)
  • NAYS MZ RNNR M D02, 10gr Spinnerbait (price: $14.15)
  • Abu Garcia Cardinal STX Spinning Combo, 802MH 10-45g/3000FD + BRAID (price: $113.95)


Perfect allround fishingset - bang for the buck!

This purchase will pay 2 978 fishcoins now!
What is this?

This is a great fishingset to invest in if you are a beginner or want a reliable fishingkit to an affordable price.

This combo is the perfect allround fishingset which means that you can fish perch, zander and pike with it! Since the casting weight is 10-45gr you can fish with lighter lures for perch/zander fishing but also a bit heavier lures for pike fishing.

It’s an ideal choice for the angler who is just beginning with fishing or has a small budget, but still wants to fish with a reliable rod and reel.

With this fishingset you just need to tie on the leader to the line, add a lure and you are ready to fish! We include a pack of Nays PRDTR 8,5cm (9pcs) that will attract primary zander and pike, a pack of Flatnose Mini (10pcs) that will catch everything but mostly perch and zander. A Berkley Cutter is a must have in your box and a spinnerbait from Nays is also included that will catch anything that is hungry nearby!

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Perfect allround fishingset - bang for the buck!