Drop Shot Perch Fishing kit

  • Gunki Ice Fluorocarbon 25m, 0,34mm (price: $10.73)
  • Mosquito hook, Light stl 2, 9st (price: $3.84)
  • Berkley URBN Tungsten Dropshot Weight 3-pack 10gr (price: $12.30)
  • Monkey Vibe 10cm 16-pack June Bug (price: $8.76)
  • Monkey Fry 7cm 16-pack Peanut Purple (price: $6.79)
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Tie your own drop-shot rig with this bundle and fish with two of our favorite lures for the purpose; Monkey Fry in color Peanut Purple and Monkey Vibe in color June Bug!

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What is this?

This pack is great if you want to start fishing with drop shot rig, as well as if you are already fishing with it but needs a refill of the components!

Click here to see how to rig a drop shot rig!

This kit includes 0,34mm fluorocarbon which is perfect for drop shot fishing. Top of the range fluorocarbon (PVDF) with some very special qualities. The refractive index is very close to that of water so it is virtually invisible. Being totally waterproof means almost no stretch compared with nylon and this is particularly impressive in the lower diameters. Sinks three times quicker than classic lines which helps with precision fishing or where you don’t want a slack belly of line to form. 

It also includes a Mosquito hook, Light stl 2, 9st.

Last thing you need for the rig is a sinker, in this kit we included a 4-pack 10gr sinkers from Spro.

This kit includes a 16-pack of Monkey Vibe 10cm in June Bug. Our favorite color! And 16-pack Money Fry in the color Peanut Purple.

Choose species: Perch