Perch fishingset spinning Finesse 3-18g

  • BFT Instinct 7,1'' ML Finesse and Technique 3-18gr Spinning (price: $144.30)
  • Shimano Stradic FL, 1000 (price: $225.18)
  • Strike Wire Extreme - Moss Green 135m 0,13m (price: $34.54)


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BFT Instinct 7,1'' ML Finesse and Technique 3-18gr: Light styled and feather weight typed fishing desires a rod that can manage to present a lure and set the hook of any tricky predator. Designed for the Finesse & Technique is the “Ned head” and ultra-light jigging techniques for perch. Ideal for any trout and grayling spinning with its reliable blanc and sensitive action. More detail here

The all new Vanford is designed to become the ultimate finesse fishing reel with a super-fast start up. Replacing the iconic Stradic Ci4+, this reel is equipped with a range of technology upgrades that sets the Vanford apart. Still drawing upon a lightweight Ci4+ body construction, the new MGL rotor makes the reel 48% lighter to turn when compared to a standard rotor design. More detal here

Strike Wire Extreme is a tight braided superline from CWC. A tough and powerful superline for all kinds of fishing. From big game fishing to vertical jigging. New technology delivers longer-lasting durability, abrasion resistance and toughness. Strike Wire Extreme delivers complete control when the big fish take your bait, and the strength you need to get ‘em in your boat.