Flatnose Dragon x 4 Bundle

  • Flatnose Dragon - Clear Blue Lemonade (price: $13.44)
  • Flatnose Dragon - Dirty Roach (price: $9.58)
  • Flatnose Dragon - Jungle Tench (price: $13.44)
  • Flatnose Dragon - Real Roach (price: $13.44)
  • M-WAR Shallow Stinger 1/0 (price: $7.64)


Bundle with 4 colors of the Flatnose Dragon!

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What is this?

Since the Flatnose Shad was born 2015, it has became the favorite softbait for thousands of pike anglers all over Europe and it has caught a huge number of big pike. Now, it's time to say hello to it's brother…

When we filmed Fly vs Jerk 8 back in 2016, Niklaus Bauer was using a completely new kind of tail on his flies called "Dragon Tails". The movement of the tails were mind-blowing and they instantly proven themselves really effective. 

We were amazed about these tails and instantly got the idea that this kind of tail has to work excellent on a softbait as well. So, we spoke with the man behind the Dragon Tail, Paolo Pacchiarini from Italy, and got his approval to use his awesome design. And here she finally is - the Flatnose Dragon.

The swimming action is ideal for cold water pike fishing - the body is  slowly wiggling from left to right while the Dragon Tail does its magic in the back, sending out lots of seducing vibrations in the water. There is almost no limit to how slow you can fish this lure…

New stinger from M-WAR. This stinger is equipped with two 1/0 hooks from Mustad. Total length of the stinger is 15cm and it has a breaking strength of 30kg/60lbs. Material Stainless Steel.

50 grams, 27 cm with tail stretched out.

Choose species: Pike
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Bundle with 4 colors of the Flatnose Dragon!