Gunki Megalon 7,5 cm S Mat Fire Tiger



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Sub surface stick bait that works great for perch, asp, pike and bass.

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What is this?

Sometimes fish back off attacking surface stick baits. This is when the MEGALON 75S should come out of the tackle box. Lively looking bait that creates a discrete sub surface wake and has just the right density to be twitched quickly without breaking the surface. When stopped the lure rolls from side to side as it sinks with the flanks flashing enticingly. This small lure casts well and is already gaining a reputation with our European field testers as the no.1 lure for asp but works great for perch, pike and bass as well!

Action: Walking the Dog
Model: Sinking
Depth: 0-0,2 m
Weight: 10,4 g
Size: 7,5 cm