Headbanger RockerHead Stinger Shallow - Transparent



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Stinger harnesses for the Headbanger FireTail. Designed for normal and slow retrieves, preferably with pauses that often turn the bait 90 degrees to the side, these RockerHeads produce action previously unseen in soft baits.

Use the heavier zinc RockerHead for deeper fishing, and the transparent polycarbonate head of the shallow variant for shallow post-spawn bays or over vegetation just below the surface. When needed, the RockerHeads are easily replaced with normal weights by placing the weight on the snap, which is then attached to the screw.

Shallow #1/0, + 1 8 g, FireTail 17cm
Shallow #2/0, 10 g, FireTail 21cm

The smaller one will also be a great fit with the Monkey Brute 17cm.

The Bigger one will be a good fit to the Flatnose Shad.

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