Hooligan Roach JR 15cm with rigs!

  • Owner Double Stinger Rig, 140/65mm, 36, size 2/0, 60lb (price: $8.22)
  • BFT Flexhead Pike - Green Pumpkin - M 25gr (price: $6.29)


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What is this?

The Hooligan Roach is a super cool pike softbait designed by Ola Rasmusson, the man behind Ola Lures. It has a wide profile and a perfect calm and natural rocking motion that has proven extremely effective for big pike.

The big paddle creates a unique motion all throughout the bait right down to the nose which sends out massive vibrations in the water. Combined with the wide profile, it's really easy for the pike to see it from a far distance.

Eliminate short strikes with this range of stinger rigs from Owner. Comes in many differenet sizes and both single and tandem versions. 140/65mm, 36, size 2/0, 60lb

BFT Flexhead Pike - Green Pumpkin - M - 2-pack - 25gr

This weighted head screws on to any pike sized rubber lure. It stays on when you fight the fish and it helps you to present your lure with high precision on your desired depth. This product works super with Pig Shad, McRubber and many other soft baits. 2 pack.

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