KÖFI Perch 23cm, 1-pack #lmab



Downsize jig for pike!

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Our KØFI (Köfi) "Perch" is now available in five different sizes and a total of eight decors: Both transparent, natural and bright decors are available. This bait is a rubber fish. The plate tail ensures a lot of pressure under water and an absolutely grandiose bait run.  The bait is soft, shad, rubber fish. Tail with vibrating fins. Perfect on a M-WAR stinger 3/0.

Available in 8 different colors: Green Pumpkin Chartreuse, Natural Perch, Real Perch, Firetiger, Ghost Perch, Motoroil Perch, Zander Skin and Purple Rave. 

Weight: 88g
Length: 23cm
Comes in 1-pack.

Length 23-25 cm
Weight 81-100 gr
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Downsize jig for pike!