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NAYS PRDTR 12,7 Color C03 & C01 together with SPRO Jig Head Jig22, 5/0 , Choose weight.

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What is this?

The founder of NAYS PRDTR Dustin Schöne teamed up with Tobias Ekvall in Zander PRO. In epsisode 4 Dustin use the NAYS PRDTR 12,7cm C04 and take his PERSONAL best on Zander! It had the insane length of 101cm. Watch here when he fight and catch the Zander. Nays PRDTR has proven it self a high-end Perch, Zander and even Pike snack.

Perfect together with SPRO Jig Head Jig22, 5/0 weight of your choice.

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Choose species: Zander
Choose species: Bundles