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Great hook for your drop shot rig.

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What is this?

Fine-wire forged shank and large radius round bend. Perfect hook for drop shot and natural bait presentation. The hook has a fine-wire forged shank, eyed, needle point and micro barb. The size 2 is perfect for 3 or 4 inches lures and the size 1 is good for 4 or 5 inches.

Make your own drop shot rig with a fluorocarbon and a drop shot weight.

Watch how to tie a drop shot rig here.

Size 1 comes in 8-pack.
Size 2 comes in 9-pack.
Size 1/0 comes in 7-pack.
Size 2/0 comes in 6-pack.

Hook type Dropshot hook
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Great hook for your drop shot rig.