Perception 7'6" Jig & Baitcast 5-20 gr

BFT - Big Fish Tackle


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Designed for perch fishing, perfect for blades and traditional jigging.

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What is this?

BFT Perception is a series of rods designed for perch fishing. This series covers finesse-fishing, traditional jiging, texas and carolina rigs and fishing with spinners, crankbaits, poppers and other classic lures for spinning! Perception and feeling is everything when fishing with softbaits, this is where thes rods excel! The blanks are made with 40 ton graphite, which makes them light, sensitive and fast.

The recovery time of these blanks when casting and setting the hooks are very short. BFT Perception comes fitted with super light Fuji K-guides and minimalistic Fuji SK2 and TVS reel seats, reducing the total weight of these rods. All reel seats also have a soft touch rubber coating for better grip. The action of the Perception rods are medium-fast to fast. Despite this being fast and tippy rods the whole blank will bend when put to test, this minimizes the chance of loosing the fish on short line. This is an important part of the design based on the fact that the majority of anglers are using braided line. 

BFT Perception 7'6” Jig & Baitcast is perfect for blades and traditional jigging. This rod has fast action, weighs 96 gr and has a casting weight of 5-20 gr. Made for baitcasting reel. 

Rod length 7' (213 - 243cm)
Casting weight (up to) 20gr