Piglet Shad - 6 pack Search and Destroy

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The Piglet Shad from Strike Pro - Redesigned to be perfect for perchfishing!

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Piglet Shad has a slot in the back as well as in the belly for easy rigging and higher hook-up ratio when texas rigged. An offset hook of size 3/0 is the perfect size. Piglet Shad is also a perfect softbait to rig with a jig head, we recommend a hook size of 4/0 or 5/0. Piglet Shad is created in an Eco-friendly production with minimal ecological footprints. The PVC plastic used is Phthalate-free and odorless.

Piglet Shad is the newest member of The Pig family. This 4" (10cm) softbait is designed mainly for perch fishing but is a lot more than your "average" softbait. It has some prominent and outstanding characteristics that makes it very special. The Piglet Shad is molded with two densities of PVC. The belly half of the bait is salted which makes it sink belly down with more balance and stability in retrieve. 

The rounded paddle tail of the Piglet Shad results in a slight belly-flash. If you want a more steady swing to it, trim the upper and lower part of the paddle with a pair of scissors. It also has a swimming action created by the articulated tail section of the body.

Comes in 6-pack. 10 cm, 7 gr.

Length 8-10 cm
Weight 6-10 gr