Seven Bass Design - Flatform EVO XL

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Flatform EVO XL from Seven Bass - greatest float tube of all time? Yes!

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What is this?

What's included?
- Hand Pump
- Oars
- Seat (new improved)
- Motormount
- 2 bags

Whether fly or cast line fishing, the FLATFORM XL EVO is designed to meet the demands of anglers fishing larger open bodies of water such as the Baltic Sea, or anglers fishing remote waters inaccessible to boat and subject to cooler water temperatures. The FLATFORM XL EVO builds off of the unparalleled success of the FLATFORM as a dynamic fishing vessel that delivers on form and function. A crossbreed between a SUP and a hybrid float tube the Flatfrom XL is a portable fishing platform with impressive navigational ability that does not require a trailer or roof rack to transport.

The Flatform XL EVO weighs approximately 21kg/46lbs and is engineered using the latest in dropstitch construction. The PVC structure means that any accessory that can be glued on to an inflatable kayak or SUP can also be glued onto the FLATFORM.

For enhanced navigation, anglers use fins to navigate slowly or pivot while casting.

For greater mobility, anglers lift their feet from the water, rest their fins on the spreader bar and use oars to glide across the water. While for longer sessions or on larger bodies of water a e-trolling motor can be easily mounted.

Flatform XL offers large proportions and a wider central fishing platform, 8ft long and 5.5ft wide. Oars and cargo side bags are removable to adapt to the fishing session at hand.
- Max Dropstich Pressure: 15 Psi - 1.03 Bar
- Max Pressure PVC: 13 Psi - 0.2 Bar

Best float tube ever

This one is the BEST float tube I've ever used. Highly recommended if you want to step up your float tube game! /Pontus Sjölund