Shimano Vanford Spinning reel



"A legend is born" The new VANFORD is the go-to reel when it comes down to finesse- and sensitive fishing applications in freshwater and saltwater inshore environments.

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What is this?

This reel comes in many different sizes/versions to fit all kinds of fishing such as perch, zander and pike! Size 1000 to 2500 is suitable for Zander and Perch, and 3000 is a good allround reel, ideal for light pike fishing and a bit heavier zander fishing. Size 4000 is a strong pike spinning reel!

The all new Vanford is designed to become the ultimate finesse fishing reel with a super-fast start up. Replacing the iconic Stradic Ci4+, this reel is equipped with a range of technology upgrades that sets the Vanford apart. Still drawing upon a lightweight Ci4+ body construction, the new MGL rotor makes the reel 48% lighter to turn when compared to a standard rotor design.

Micromodule Gear II and Silent Drive is featured in the new Vanford and the Hagane Gear has been upgraded for added strength. X-Protect provides high-level water resistance without sacrificing light gear and rotor rotation. This has increased the durability of the Vanford’s roller clutch and line roller to an IPX8 standard.

By incorporating the new Long Stroke Spool design, casting performance has also been improved.

If you want even more detaild information, check out this link.

Details of each model:

Weight: 155gr
Gear ratio: 5.1:1
Bearings: 7+1
Line capacity: 0.18mm-170m, 0.20mm-140m, 0.25mm-90m
Retreive: 64cm
Max drag: 3kg

Gear ratio: 5.1:1
Bearings: 7+1
Line Capacity: 0.14mm-145m ,0.16mm-105m, 0.18mm-80m
Retrieve: 69cm
Max drag: 3kg

Weight: 180gr
Gear ratio: 5.3:1
Bearings: 7+1
Line capacity: 0.25mm-160m
Retrieve: 78cm
Max drag: 9kg

Weight: 180gr
Gear ratio: 6.0:1
Line Capacity: 0.25mm-210m ,0.30mm-130m ,0.35mm-100m
Retrieve: 89cm
Max drag: 9kg

Weight: 215gr 
Gear ratio: 5.3:1
Line Capacity: 0.30mm-180m,0.35mm-130m
Retrieve: 87cm 
Max drag: 11kg

Weight: 215gr 
Gear ratio: 6.2:1
Line Capacity: 0.30mm-180m,0.35mm-130m
Retrieve: 101cm 
Max drag: 11kg

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"A legend is born" The new VANFORD is the go-to reel when it comes down to finesse- and se...