Vision Big Daddy Fly Lines



Great line for pike fly fishing from Vision.

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Was ist das?

Big Daddy is a line which is designed for both big and air resistant flies. It has a short, 8,5 meter head with very aggressive front taper giving you really good turnover of bulky flies. The low stretch core, combined with super slick grooved coating with built-in Teflon, transfers the casting energy in the best possible way and gives a clear advantage hooking hard headed fish firmly even at long distances.

The short and heavy head is easy to handle and shoot but at the same time the thicker running line gives you an opportunity to aerialize longer line without collapsing your cast.

Available in #9 and #10 in slow-mo, intermediate, sink 3 and sink 5.

Slow-mo is a great option for fishing in really shallow waters as it's more or less suspending, intermediate is a perfect allround option that will make your fly run on around 1,5 meters of depth, sink 3 is good for slightly deeper fishing or when you want to fish fast in quite shallow water, and sink 5 is your line when you want to go really deep and dirty...

Total length 30 m of which head 8,5 m.

The slow-mo line is cream-colored, intermediate is green, sink 3 is dark green and sink 5 is blue to help you keep track of your lines.