Vision Big Daddy Pike Fly Fishing kit



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A great kit with all you need to become a hardcore pike fly fisherman!

  • Vision Bäkkari Backing - 50m White (price: $11.90)
  • Vision Pike Wire and Monofilament Leader (price: $15.50)
  • Vision Kalu Reel - Black (price: $143.61)
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What is this?

Are you ready to take the step into the world of pike fly fishing?

Pike fly fishing is really fun and it's also extremely effective - some days it can outfish basically any hard or soft spin fishing lure. We've seen it in Fly vs Jerk several times...

This is a pike fly fishing kit from Vision with everything you need - rod, reel, backing, fly line, leader.

Choose between line weight #9 or #10. We think #9 is a great choice for allround pike fly fishing while #10 is better for even bigger flies, bigger fish, windier conditions etcetera. Make sure to choose the same line weight on the rod as on the line you choose.

Depending on what kind of place and on what depth you usually fish, you can choose between slow-mo, intermediate, sink 3 or sink 5 lines. 

Slow-mo is a great option for fishing in really shallow waters as it's more or less suspending, intermediate is a perfect allround option that will make your fly run on around 1,5 meters of depth, sink 3 is good for slightly deeper fishing or when you want to fish fast in quite shallow water, and sink 5 is your line when you want to go really deep and dirty... 

Need inspiration? Check out this episode of FLY TV where Niklaus Bauer walks you through all the steps of pike fly fishing (including catching monster-sized pike)...

We recommend you to get yourself a line basket, a bunch of flies and a few Bauer Pike Rigs and you're ready to go!