Wacky rig with Nazeebo Worm

  • BKK Predator WG Dropshot Hook #1 6-pack (price: $4.58)
  • Bite Of Bleak Tungsten Nail Sinker, 2,2gram (price: $4.99)
  • Strike Wire Fluorocarbon 0,35 mm (price: $12.12)
  • Bite Of Bleak Nazeebo Worm 10cm, Coppertreuse (price: $8.04)
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BKK Predator WG Dropshot Hook #1 6-pack

The BKK Predator is a freshwater finesse hook used for a variety of rigs such as Wacky and Dropshot. The wide-gap design and the Super SLide coating signifcantly enchance the hook-up rate, while the micro barb makes it suitable for catch and release. Despite its slim profile, the Predator WG is strong enough to fight big pret thanks to irs forged shank. Comes in 6-pack.

Bite Of Bleak Tungsten Nail Sinker, 2,2gram, 5-pack

Skrew this in your lure for more weight! 

Strike Wire Fluorocarbon 0,35 mm,15 lbs test, 50 m spool.

Leader material made of pure fluorocarbon. Perfect to use as leader for your perch and bass fishing. The Strike Wire fluorcarbon is the perfect leader material to use when fishing for perch or bass. You can connect it to your main line and attach your lure or you can use it for your Texas and Carolina rigs. 

Bite Of Bleak Nazeebo Worm 10cm , 8-pack, Coppertreuse

As the first Swedish brand to use the material TPE, Bite of Bleak is very pleased to present Nazeebo Worm. TPE is a material that floats in water and gives the bait an awesome presentation for as long as you wish.

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