Abu Garcia Fishingset Perch/Zander Baitcasting

  • Abu Garcia Spike LP-L, 6.4:1 (LH) (price: $153.60)
  • Berkley Sick Two in One, 0,12mm, 0,12mm Fluoro (price: $31.60)


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What is this?

This fishing set-up from Abu consist of a baitcasting reel and a fishing rod specifically designed for perch and zander fishing. When selecting a baitcasting fishing set for perch and zander, it's important to consider the size and weight of the lures you'll be using, as well as the depth and structure of the water you'll be fishing in.

In this set-up you can choose between 2 different Spike X rods, together with fitting Spike Baitcasting Reel  and Sick Two in One (Braid and Fluoro), 0,12mm from Berkley. 

Casting weight (up to) 40gr
Rod length 7' (213 - 243cm)

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