Allround Fishingset Spinning 14-42gr


Perfect allround fishingset - bang for the buck!

  • Shimano FX XT Spinning COMBO 240MH (price: $86.73)
  • Berkley Fusion Fluo Pike Leaders - 1.1mm 40cm - 2pcs (price: $10.31)
  • Nays C04 (price: $11.00)
  • Owner Ultra Jig Head, 5/0 12gr (price: $6.83)
  • Flatnose Mini, Arkansas Shiner (price: $16.10)
  • Berkley Cutter 11 cm Chameleon Vapor (price: $11.46)
  • NAYS MZ RNNR M D02, 14gr (price: $16.10)
This purchase will pay 2 598 fishcoins now!
What is this?

This is a great fishingset to invest in if you are a beginner or want a reliable fishingkit to an affordable price.


2,40m, 14-40g FX C300FC Mono 0,285mm This is a great allround rod if you want to fish perch, zander and pike. Casting weight up to 40gr allows you to fish a bit heavier lures!

With this fishingset you just need to tie on the leader to the line, add a lure and you are ready to fish! We include a pack of Nays PRDTR 12,7cm (5pcs) that will attract primary zander and pike, a pack of Flatnose Mini (10pcs) that will catch everything but mostly perch and zander. A Berklye Cutter is a must have in your box and a spinnerbait from Nays is also included that will catch anything that is hungry nearby!

The reel is a Sienna in size 2500FG which is a good allround size reel. It has a pre-spooled line with a dimension of 0,26mm which will easily hold for a pike! The SIENNA is an all round spinning reel which is popular all over the world. It’s an ideal choice for the angler who is just beginning with fishing or has a small budget, but still wants to fish with a reliable reel.

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Perfect allround fishingset - bang for the buck!