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Used a lot by Gunki team member Martin Wasberg!

  • Iron-T Chooten - Baitcasting 210 M/MH 7-25 gr (price: $240.27)
  • Gunki BC 200 THG Reel (price: $185.54)
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Gunki Iron-T Chooten - Baitcasting 210 M/MH 7-25 gr

This range of CHOOTEN rods are amongst the most versatile of our casting models. Fast actioned, responsive and tactile, the blanks lend themselves to a variety of tactics depending on the length and power of each rod.

These POWER FEELING rods will handle cast and retrieve fishing with lures and plugs (jerkbaits, top water, crankbaits, spinnerbaits, chatterbaits…etc) and the range of soft bait tactics essential to the modern angler (linear, swimbaits, rubber jigs, texan…etc).

Action: Extra Fast
Section: 1+1
Size (cm): 179
Length (cm): 210
Guides (Qty): 10
Weight (g): 137
Power (gr): 7-25/ Max 35

Gunki BC 200 THG Reel

In extensive field testing this reel was simply stunning in terms of performance. Developed to cover a wide range of fishing styles targeting pike, zander, perch and asp.

A 7.3/1 gear ratio makes active linear fishing with lipless crankbaits, spinnerbaits, buzzbaits and soft lures a joy. The gearing is ultra-precise and can be finely tuned to suit any style of fishing. The reel runs smooth thanks to high quality reel oil and premium bearings.

The line lay system is top quality laying your line cleanly across the full width of the spool. Every time you cast the line releases freely with a minimum of friction gaining both distance and accuracy on each cast. The stiff body is made from single piece aluminium and the 10kg multidisc drag is both strong and secure resisting that traction of big lures and coping with the hardest fighting fish.

Handle on the left. Plus Points - Low profile aluminium body - Carbon composite flanks - Robust and light - Exceptionally smooth - High retrieve ratio - High precision stainless steel bearings - Infinite anti-reverse - Perforated aluminium spool - Multidisc combat drag (carbon washers), strong and smooth (6kg) - Dual control centrifugal magnetic casting drag ( zero frictions) - Left side handle - Ergonomic Easygrip handle

Slide Braid Iron-T:

Made from top quality PE fibres, we have worked on the density of this braid to get a perfectly round profile. This rigid line is great for intensive cast and retrieve lure fishing. A Teflon surface coating improves casting performance gaining valuable extra meters every cast.

The absence of stretch gives the line excellent linear strength and great knot resistance. The Flouro Green colour allows you follow every cast and detect subtle pulls on the line.