Berkley Sick Vamper 22cm with Rigs


  • BFT Shallow Stinger Single Titanium 2-pack (price: $13.84)
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What is this?

The Berkley Sick range is a family of 6 types of softbaits, designed to cover every situation you will face on the water. The Sick Vamper is a V-Tail bait with a fat body. The skinny tail makes a beautiful waving action when fished on a dropshot rig or jighead. The triangular shape of the body will create a belly flashing action when the bait is fished aggressively. Fish it trough thick cover with an offsethook or use it as soft jerkbait.

BFT Shallow Stinger Single Titanium rigs are made for all types of softbaits ranging 10-15cm. These rigs are the perfect ones to use with standard jigheads to mount on top or belly of your lure. 

Comes in 2-pack.

SPRO Jig Head Jig90

Jig Head for perch lures - Comes in 3-pack!


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