BFT Drop Shot Tungsten Pencil Weight

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Environmentally friendly drop shot weight that really pinches the line.

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What is this?

The tungsten pencil weight is super heavy for its small mass, which almost makes it shoot like a bullet going straight to the bottom. This particular design enables you to enjoy the feeling of full contact with you tackle at the bottom and more effectively work your lure with maximum precision. At the same time, the shape also gives you the advantage to very easily make long casts, with no tangles and makes you cover more water every cast you make.

The BFT Drop Shot Tungsten Pencil Weight has a special type of swivel that pinches your line without a knot. This also offers a very fast way to change the depth where your lure is presented by simply unpinching the line. Adjust it to the desired depth and then repinch the line and go straight back to the action in no time.

Make your own dropshot rig with an Owner Mosquito HookStrike Wire Fluorocarbon 0,28 mm and a BFT Tungsten Pencil Weight in 10 or 14 grams. For dropshot fishing we recommend the classic Fin-S Fish 10 cm, the Scissor Comb and the Ribster in 7,5 or 11,5 cm.

Watch how to tie a drop shot rig here.