BFT Roots G2 7,6' Tailgunner with BFT Instinct X7 & Strike Wire 0,36mm

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  • BFT Roots G2 7,6' MH, Tailgunner - 80g (price: $206.44)
  • Strike Wire 0,36mm Moss Green (price: $24.32)
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BFT Roots G2 7,6' Tailgunner

The next generation of the legendary range of pike rods is here! BFT Roots G2 by Jimmy Lindahl are built on high-end superior quality blanks and equipped with reel seats and guides from Fuji. The BFT Roots G2 range contains eight different models with specs to match every style of pike fishing!

The Tailgunner is a downsize rod perfect for fishing small to medium size lures. A fast tip in combination with a deeper bend when pressure is applied gives you a rod with lure control as well as casting distance! Medium Fast action.

BFT Instinct X7 

It has a 6.2:1 gear ratio, 7 ball bearings and 1 roller bearing drive with instant Anti-Reverse, Carbon washer drag system, EVA grips mounted on a over dimensioned handle for higher cranking power.

Dual Braking System, DBS, is made for super precise casts. The free spool can be adjusted in multiple ways, either by adjusting the traditional casting brake knob, the magnetic drag and also by turning the handle on the spool which engages the centrifugal clutches for even more braking effect. BFT Instinct X7 fits perfect in your hand.

Line capacity 135m / 0,36mm Strike Wire. Weight 280g. 

Strike Wire Extreme 0,36 mm

A tough and powerful superline for all kinds of fishing. From big game fishing to vertical jigging. New technology delivers longer-lasting durability, abrasion resistance and toughness. Strike Wire Extreme delivers complete control when the big fish take your bait, and the strength you need to get‘em in your boat.