Fishingset Perch (Beginners set)

  • SPRO Jig Head Jig90 3/0 - 10gr (price: $4.53)
  • CWC Titanium No-Kink Leader 12” (30cm)-10lbs / 4,5kg Perch (price: $6.86)
  • Monkey Brute 7,5cm Peanut Purple (price: $9.18)
  • Abu Garcia Reflex Spinner Red 12gr Tiger (price: $5.69)
  • Shimano FX XT Spinning COMBO 210ML 7-21g (price: $81.22)


If you are looking for a priceworthy set you have it here!

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What is this?

This fishing start set is perfect for you who want to start fishing perch!

Includes: Rod, reel, line (pre-spooled), 14 jigs, Jig Head x3 , a spinnerbait and a complete leader. Hand picked by our crew at Kanalgratis.

FX XT Spinning COMBO;

2,10m 7-21g FX 2500FC Mono 0,260mm

Since the line is already spooled on you just need to tie on the leader, add your favorite bait and start catching! The rod has a casting weight of 7-21gr, which means that the total recommended weight of your lure and jig head is maximum 21gr.

The reason this kit is not recommend to use for pike fishing is because pike lures are in general more heavy, it also requires a little stronger rod for controlling the fish when fighting. We have great beginner pike sets here.

Choose species: Perch
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If you are looking for a priceworthy set you have it here!