BUNDLE - 1 pack Flatnose Baby Dragon and 1 Gunki Boomer

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Gunki Boomer (10 gr or 21 gr)

Gunki chatterbait designed to imitate the small reptiles found in our waterways. Highly visible signal eye has a hypnotic effect through the water and give fish a focus point for attacks.

Fitted with a deliberately small blade to give off discrete vibrations ideal on pressured venues. Chatterbaits combine different vibrations from the blade and the bulky silicone skirt with flashing attraction from the eye and the blade itself. This is a great roving lure with a compact, loaded body.

Works particularly well in overgrown and snaggy swims. Great for pike, perch, black bass and even catfish! Skirt attached with metal wire to stand pike attacks. Mustad 4/0 hook.

Flatnose Baby Dragon

Ever since the Flatnose Dragon was released a few years ago, it has served as a safe card for many pike anglers around Europe for those slow days when the fish aren't biting properly, or in cold water conditions. This is exactly when the Flatnose Baby Dragon will come into play as well.

The Dragon style tail will work wonders in even the slowest of speeds which makes this small snack an ideal choise for slow fishing. It has a slim profile which makes it easy for all fish to inhale. It's slotted back and belly makes it possible to rig on a weedless hook with an excellent hook-up ratio.

Perfect for 2/0 or 3/0 hooks. Can be fished both on a traditional jig head, Texas rig, Carolina rig, dropshot and most other techniques.

Click here to see underwater footage of the Flatnose Baby Dragon in action:

Comes in 10 pack. 11 cm with the tail stretched out, with a weight of 3,7gr. Available in Crystal Clear, Kiwi, Vanilla Sun, Smokey, Motoroil Hot Tail, Medium Rare, Forest Gold and Citrus Bling.

This lure is the result of a collaboration by Paolo Pacchiarini, Edvin Johansson and Pontus Sjölund.

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