BUNDLE with 1 King Gamera and 1 G'Bump 17 cm from GUNKI



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Some info about the King Gamera...

A jerkbait designed for distance casting or drifting. The KING GAMERA 150SP has all the classic Gamera features – internal weight transfer for distance casting, slinky smooth swimming action with an additional rolling effect.

This model stands out for its reinforced lip developed specifically for drifting. Can be fished with any sort of retrieve from slow to quick, stop and go styles and twitching and jerking. This is a lure designed to single out bigger fresh and sea specimens like big pike and seabass.

50 gr, 15 cm. Floating.

And some info about the G'Bump 20....

This new shad bait will not go unnoticed!  The tail is large and imparts a distinct rolling action which runs right through the body sure to tempt any opportunistic predators. 

The triangular shape of the body is very stable and holds the bait well in the water.  Ideal for cast and retrieve prospection be it for perch, zander or pike.

The lure is amazingly stable and gives off surprisingly strong deep vibrations sure to attract any passing essox!

55,4 gr, 17 cm. Comes in 1-pack

Length 16-19 cm
Weight 41-50 gr
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