Mega Bundle Perch - 66 Lures

  • Monkey Rib - Firecraw (price: €7.72)
  • Monkey Fry - Chartreuse (price: €7.72)
  • Monkey Vibe - Zalt & Pepper Lime (price: €7.72)
  • Monkey Craw - Kiwi (price: €5.98)
  • Creature Cray - Fire Craw (price: €5.98)
  • Flatnose Baby Dragon - Chartreuse (price: €12.05)


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Perch bundle 30% off exclusive deal ONLY at checkout! You will get 68 lures in this amazing kit.

We have put together some of our absolute favorite baits for perch.

If a product is out of stock, we will replace it with a similar one. 

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Exclusive deal only at checkout.