Perch Bundle - Picked by us

NAYS , EJ Lures , Gunki


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Bundle our team put together that will catch perch!

  • SPRO Jig Head Jig22 4/0, 14gr (price: $4.50)
  • Table Rock (price: $9.12)
  • Nays Bldr Rnnr 21gr D-08 (price: $14.90)
  • Flatnose Baby Dragon - Ash 10-pack (price: $16.05)
  • Köfi Perch 7 cm - Fire Tiger 5-pack (price: $10.28)
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Rig tips: The Jig Heads fit perfect both on Baby Dragon and Köfi Perch. On the chatterbait, you can also add one of the jigs as a "trailer" which will maximize the effect of the bait. The Nays Bld Rnnr you just cast and retrieve. You can also let it sink to the bottom, and fish it like a jig, bounce it on the bottom. Try your way and you will find the perch!


10 x Flatnose Baby Dragon - Ash

1 x Nays Bld Rnnr D08 21gr

1 x Fox Rage Bladed Jig 12gr Table Rock (Chatterbait)


SPRO Jig Head Jig22, 4/0, 14gr

Choose species: Perch