CWC Fishingset (FLY VS JERK)

  • Strike Wire Moss Green, 0,36mm (price: $25.86)


Used in FLY VS JERK 12 by team CWC ft Pierre Monjarret and Stefan Trumman Trumstedt.

This purchase will pay 6 858 fishcoins now!
What is this?

Set with rod, reel, line, lures and hooks. Everything you need to fish like Pierre Monjarrete and Stefan Trumstedt!

Choose the rod you prefer (three different models available).

The BFT Instinct Rod Series is designed for the avid angler. We are proud to introduce the vast variety of our Instinct predator rod range, each and every rod type is tested to perfection. Developed to meet any demand on the water the Instinct rods will surely set you up for any obstacle that you will encounter by presentation and performance.

Equipped with top of the line blanks and superior American Tackle components, the Instinct rods are at an affordable rate for any angler. The desire to match any type of predator fishing, you will find your rod in the broad set up of rod models.

BFT Instinct X7 has a 6.2:1 gear ratio, 7 ball bearings and 1 roller bearing drive with instant Anti-Reverse, Carbon washer drag system, EVA grips mounted on a over dimensioned handle for higher cranking power.

Dual Braking System, DBS, is made for super precise casts. The free spool can be adjusted in multiple ways, either by adjusting the traditional casting brake knob, the magnetic drag and also by turning the handle on the spool which engages the centrifugal clutches for even more braking effect. BFT Instinct X7 fits perfect in your hand.

Line capacity 135m / 0,36mm Strike Wire. Weight 280g.

It is made of 7-strand 30lb titaniumwire with a ST36BC-hook in size #2.

BFT Shallow Stinger Single Titanium rigs are made for all types of softbaits ranging 15-18cm. These rigs are the perfect ones to use with standard jigheads to mount on top or belly of your lure. 

Comes in 2-pack.

Choose species: Pike
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Used in FLY VS JERK 12 by team CWC ft Pierre Monjarret and Stefan Trumman Trumstedt.