Darts Float Stop - 4 pack



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With a float stop in front of your Carolina rigged bait, you'll be able to present your jigs in ways that the perch has never seen before.

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What is this?

In perch fishing it's super important to be able to present your lures in many different ways as the mood of the perch can change extremely fast. One of the best techniques to trigger the perch when the fishing is slow is to use a "Carolina Float Rig" - a regular Carolina rig with a Darts Float Stop on the leader in front of your jig. This way you'll have the bullet weight on the bottom, like always, but the lure will be able to slowly float up insted of sink to the bottom when you stop retrieving. This makes it possible for you to let your bait hang as long as you want and giving the perch enough time to take the bait. With some scent from a Spike-It pen or Aerosol Oil, you'll have the deadliest rig on the water... Test fishing has produced great results and most of the fishes have taken the lure when it's been hanging a few seconds a fev decimeters above the bottom.

Works best with small jigs like the Ribster 7,5 cm or Scissor Comb 3", together with a Owner J Light Hook tied directly to the leader (no snap). With heavier jigs it might not be floating but the float stop will still give it a longer hang time in the water which can also be extremely deadly.

Click here to see a video of how the "Carolina Float Rig" swims in the water!

18 mm long. Comes in 4 pack (fluo red, fluo yellow, fluo green and red/white).