Drop Shot Fishing kit (Tie It Yourself) BUNDLE!

  • Strike Wire Fluorocarbon 0,35 mm (price: $11.44)
  • BKK Spirit Walker (8pcs) l#2 (price: $4.51)
  • BFT Drop Shot Tungsten Pencil Weight 5,3 5-pack (price: $12.60)


You need this to tie your own drop shot tackle!!

This purchase will pay 458 fishcoins now!
What is this?

The Strike Wire fluorcarbon is the perfect leader material to use when fishing for perch or bass. You can connect it to your main line and attach your lure or you can use it for your Texas and Carolina rigs. 

0,35 mm, 15 lbs test, 50 m spool.

Fine-wire forged shank and large radius round bend. Perfect hook for drop shot and natural bait presentation. The hook has a fine-wire forged shank, eyed, needle point and micro barb.

BKK Spirit Walker is a "wacky" hook designed for finesse fishing with ultralight equipment when fishing is sluggish. Perfect for Wacky rig or for Dropshot. #2

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You need this to tie your own drop shot tackle!!