Eddie Spaghetti with dropshot rig

  • Gunki Ice Fluorocarbon 25m, 0,29mm (price: $9.51)
  • BKK Predator WG Dropshot Hook 6-pack, strl 4' (price: $4.32)
  • BFT Drop Shot Tungsten Pencil Weight, 3,5gr - 5-pack (price: $7.59)
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What is this?

Eddie Spaghetti moves incredibly attractively in the water with several different types of rigs, regular jig head, Ned head, and with the hook notch on the back it is extra good with an offset hook that hides to avoid getting caught in structures such as grass and branches.

With the strong ribs that provide a lot of vibration, the Eddie Spaghetti is a good move to trigger the fish to strike.

 Choose between 2 different sizes.

Together with Gunki Ice Fluorocarbon 25m, 0,29mm, BKK Predator WG Dropshot Hook 6-pack in the size #4 and BFT Drop Shot Tungsten Pencil Weight 3,5gr, 5-pack and you are ready to go!