Edvin Johansson's Fall Bundle 2019

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We asked Edvin Johansson to come up with the ultimate bundle for fall 2019 - this is the result!

  • Nettel Laken - Hot Pike (price: $19.56)
  • Flatnose Dragon - Laban (price: $14.38)
  • Fatnose Shad - Search and Destroy (price: $14.38)
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What is this?

1 x Nettel Laken - Hot Pike, 1 x Flatnose Dragon - Laban and 1 x Fatnose Shad - Search and Destroy.

Nettel Laken;

Nettel Laken is a highly lifelike imitation of an eelpout, which is a common baitfish in many waters and looks like a combination of an eel and a burbot. They are slow moving and easy targets for hungry predators, which was the original idea behind the lure. Predators just love eelpout on the menu!

With careful design Nettel Laken has both high estethics and fishability. Its pectoral fins and body shape creates an interesting silhouette from any angle the predator might see it coming from. Together with the slithering tail action it gives the illusion of an easy, tasty prey - the predators simply can’t resist to go for a powerful strike!

This is the third generation of Nettel Laken and since the beginning it has proven to be very effective with many trophy fish from near and far. It’s also been frequently used by anglers on multiple tournaments with good results. Sometimes Nettel Laken just seems to be irresistible for hungry or more skeptical fish.

Can be rigged both on Shallow Screws for shallow fishing as well as Flexheads or other jig heads for deeper fishing. We like using the Gator Stinger Big which is perfect for this lure. Some anglers prefer to use 3/0 hooks for best hooking performance but 2/0 works as well.

Click here to watch Nettel Laken in action!

75 gr, 28 cm with tail stretched out.

Designed by Björn Nettelbladt in Blekinge, Sweden.

Fatnose Shad;

The Fatnose Shad has a high profile and a small body which gives it a really seducing movement in slow speeds. These characteristics also makes the lure more easily spotted and lures the pike upp from the depths. Fatnose Shad is a follow up to the popular Flatnose Shad.

Just like its little brother, The Fatnose Shad can be rigged in many different ways to fit your fishing situation perfectly - for the shallow fishing you can just simply rig it on a Shallow Screw and a BFT Shallow Stinger - Stainless Steel. For fishing in deeper waters we recommend a BFT Flexhead Pike jighead with a weight that fits the depth you want to fish at, the deeper the heavier jighead. Don't forget to try and insert a Bauer Power Rattle in the paddle, this way you'll have all the odds on your side.

23 cm long and weighs 60 gr.

Flatnose Dragon;

When we filmed Fly vs Jerk 8 back in 2016, Niklaus Bauer was using a completely new kind of tail on his flies called "Dragon Tails". The movement of the tails were mind-blowing and they instantly proven themselves really effective. 

We were amazed about these tails and instantly got the idea that this kind of tail has to work excellent on a softbait as well. So, we spoke with the man behind the Dragon Tail, Paolo Pacchiarini from Italy, and got his approval to use his awesome design. And here she finally is - the Flatnose Dragon.

The swimming action is ideal for cold water pike fishing - the body is  slowly wiggling from left to right while the Dragon Tail does its magic in the back, sending out lots of seducing vibrations in the water. There is almost no limit to how slow you can fish this lure…

Rig it on a Shallow Screw or Flexhead Pike together with a Shallow Stinger Small. Rigged on a Flexhead Pike or regular jig head, some of the wiggling action of the body disappears but it still works wonders and catches loads of fish. Just imagine what this tail does on the drop if you give it a pause in the water… Make sure to be ready to set the hooks! 

For maximum body movement, you can try to have the hooks free hanging instead of attached in the rubber. It's also important to get the shallow screw as centered as possible, or slightly offset closer to the belly of the lure. Every change in rigging can change the action and we recommend you to experiment until you find your favorite.

Our favorite is to have it shallow rigged and adjust the fishing depth with Fastach sinkers in various weights.

50 grams, 27 cm with tail stretched out.

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Edvin Johansson's Fall Bundle 2019

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We asked Edvin Johansson to come up with the ultimate bundle for fall 2019 - this is the r...