• Monkey Brute - Golddigger 3-pack (price: $10.93)
  • Flatnose Shad - Jungle Tench (price: $15.35)
  • Abu Garcia® Beast Insta-Spinnerbait - Fegis (price: $9.83)
  • Berkley® Zilla Glider - Burbout (price: $17.56)
  • Fatnose Shad - Coregonus (price: $15.35)
  • Hooligan Roach - Real Roach (price: $20.88)
  • Abu Garcia Beast Curl Tail 21cm, 1-pack, Blue Lagoon (price: $6.07)
  • Zalt Zam Z 21cm Jerktail, Color 39 (price: $20.43)
  • M-WAR Shallow Stinger 1/0 (price: $6.07)
  • M-WAR Shallow Stinger 3/0 (price: $6.07)
  • Darts Clip Weights/Lead, 14gr (price: $5.41)


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What is this?

Edvin Johansson is a young angler and lure builder with a big passion for pike fishing. The Flatnose Shad is his first rubber lure and it's a first class pike snack - the fairly small size combined with the big paddle and wide profile creates a small-sized lure that still makes a lot of noise and impressions in the water. Color - Jungle Tench 

Monkey Brute 17 cm (35gr) is especially developed to be fished extremely slow and with very light weights. With the narrow body and the special design on the paddle it gets an very attractive movement in the water when fishing it very slow, especially if you make a spinstop and let the lure drop. Color - Golddigger

With the Instant Spinnerbait you easily turn your softbait into an attractive spinnerbait. Made with heavy duty components, this reliable spinnerbait setup will create a lot of extra vibrations, resistance and a large profile to your pike softbait! Abu Garcia® Beast Insta-Spinnerbait. Comes in 2-pack. Color - Fegis

The Berkley Zilla Glide is an easy-to-fish glide bait with a beautiful flanking action when steadily retrieved. Give it some jerks and pauses to create an even more attractive, erratic action. Color - Ayu Green

Fatnose Shad - Coregonus
The Fatnose Shad has a high profile and a small body which gives it a really seducing movement in slow speeds. These characteristics also makes the lure more easily spotted and lures the pike upp from the depths. Fatnose Shad is a follow up to the popular Flatnose Shad.

Hooligan Roach - Real Roach

The Hooligan Roach is a new, super cool pike softbait designed by Ola Rasmusson, the man behind Ola Lures. It has a wide profile and a perfect calm and natural rocking motion that has proven extremely effective for big pike. During its first year on the marked it has caught several big pike over 10 kilos in many different types of waters.

Abu Garcia Beast Curl Tail 21cm, 1-pack, Blue Lagoon
The Beast curl tail has a wide tail that is carefully designed with an eye for detail. The special ridge gives the lure an unrivalled rocking motion that no pike will be able to resist. Made for slow to moderate fishing speed. During the testing phase numerous large pike were caught on “the drop” in deep water.

Zalt Zam Z 21cm Jerktail - color 39

This jerktail from Zalt is suspending and have an attractive movement in the water. It goes side-to-side and you can either jerk it for a more aggressive movement, or just spin it. Use it both with swim tails and paddletails.


M-WAR Shallow Stinger 1/0 and 3/0
Stinger 1/0 for your softbaits up to approximately 20cm. Tested and approved by us! Stinger 3/0 for your softbaits 21+cm. Approved by us!

 Darts Clip Weights/Lead, 14gr
It can not be easier than this. Turn the sinker on / off to quickly and smoothly change the depth of your bait.

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