Fiiish Mud Digger Maxi Combo 9cm



This lure has so many fish caught so it's impossible to count!

This purchase will pay 338 fishcoins now!
What is this?

The Mud Digger is very famous in the southern Europe and we dare to say it is one of the most popular ones! It has huge amounts of fish on it's conscience. We are very sure it will attract the predators here in the northern parts as well!

It comes rigged with three different weights:

LIGHT 5g / MEDIUM 10g / HEAVY 15g


Activates very quickly: The tapered body and small upward flipper give a superbly reactive natural swimming action. This movement is generated with the slightest solicitation, making it incredibly lively and very attractive!

Superb descending action: Its incredible efficiency is due to its descending action! It is often during this decisive phase that the fish attack! Watch out, this concept will make all the difference!


Lure mobility: The opening where the hook protrudes increases the flexibility and reactivity of the lure to rod actions.
Easier assembly: The opening serves as a guide to positioning the hook without difficulty. Just prick straight.
A stronger lure: This concept significantly avoids the body ripping during the bite.


Stabilises the lure: In «vertical» fishing, this type of head allows the lure to remain horizontal for a time, a few centimeters above the bottom; a position that greatly attracts predators.

Slight gliding action: The flat surface on the underside of the «Digger» head slows down the lure’s descent and boosts the body’s action.

Excellent positioning on the bottom: The head naturally lands on the bottom whilst the body of the

lure continues to float slightly, continuing its swimming motion. In addition, the position of the upward hook gives a better result after bites.