Fish Candy Chatter-Box



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What is this?

The Ready-to-Fish Chatter Box gives you direct access to fishing with the popular rig.

The box is delivered with the following items:

- Chatterbaits
- Softbaits
- Snaps
- Fluorocarbon
- We recommend rods with a casting weight of ~ 10-40g.

Chatterbaits have become very popular in recent years. Above all, their universal application possibilities for perch, pikeperch and pike, make the vibrating rubber jigs indispensable.
Combined with various trailers such as ShadTails, PinTails, Craws etc., the lures offer extremely high flexibility, suitable for the respective fishing day.

3x softbaits
You get three packs of softbaits in different, catchy colors and different sizes. You can use this as a trailer for the Chatterbaits.

A pack of snaps so that you can assemble the right bait as quickly as possible. In addition, our experience has shown that the Chatterbaits run even better with a snap on the leader.

4x chatterbaits
Four different chatterbaits in different weights and sizes - so you are flexible and can track your target fish in different weather conditions and water structures. The strength of the vibration is also often the decisive difference.

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