Fish Candy Free Rig Box Vers. III



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What is this?

The fourth edition of the Ready-to-Fish Free-Rig Box gives you direct access to fishing with the popular assembly.

The Free-Rig Box # 004 is delivered with the following items:

Offset hook
Tungsten Free-Rig Weights in different sizes
Rubber pearls
We recommend rods with a casting weight of ~ 5-25g.

The free rig has two great advantages over other rigs.
1. You can throw the bait directly at an obstacle and it will sink vertically and precisely to the bottom where you want it to be.
2. In addition, you have the opportunity to present the bait in one place for a very long time.
Both are made possible by the shape of the weight and its free mobility on the leader.
Suitable for all baits: Shadtail, Pintail, Craw, Creature-Bait and many more.

5x softbaits
You get five packs of softbaits in different colors and different sizes to match the free rig, so that you can experience maximum flexibility on the water.

8x Free-Rig Weights
Eight weights, different grammages in the pack. So you are flexible and can chase your target fish in different weather conditions and water structures.

3x packet of offset hooks
You get the right offset hooks in the box to match the size of the bait.

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