Fish Candy Texas Box Vers. II


669 kr

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What is this?

The third edition of the Ready-to-Fish Texas Box gives you direct access to fishing with the popular Texas Rig.

The Texas Box # 003 is delivered with the following items:

- Offset hook
- Softbaits
- Tungsten Bullets in various weights
- Fluorocarbon
- stopper
- Glass beads
- We recommend rods with a casting weight of ~ 5-35g-

The versatile T-Rig, belongs to the standard in every artificial bait box. With or without a glass bead or with a stopper, the TexasRig offers a multitude of possibilities to outsmart the robbers. The use of offset hooks minimizes the risk of getting caught and makes fishing in herb fields easier.

5x Softbaits
You get five packs of softbaits in different, catchy colors and different sizes. We rely on real classics as well as innovations from Japan. In addition to imitation crabs, pintails also await you here, which are ideal for the T-Rig.

6x tungsten bullets
Six bullets of different weights. So you are flexible and can track your target fish in different weather conditions and water structures.


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