Fishingset baitcasting Pike (Perfect for beginners)

  • Mitchell® MX3 Baitcasting Reel (price: $65.52)
  • Berkley Fireline Ultra, 8 150 m, 0,20mm , FL. Green (price: $19.31)
  • Beast X Pike Casting Rod 792 H 50-90g (2,36m) (price: $110.79)


Take your next step in pike fishing with this fishingset!

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What is this?

Why should you fish with baitcasting for pike? The advantages with a baitcasting reel is that you can cast heavier lures because you hold your line with your thumb when casting and you don't need to use your index finger when casting, which over time can be a bit unfomfortable and hurt.

You hold your thumb on the spool when casting with a light pressure to control that the spool wont spin faster than the line which can cause tangles. It is also easier to break if you cast in wrong direction and might end up in a tree, by quickly pressing your thumb on the spool.

We have carefully put together this baitcasting fishingset for pike. In this set up you will have a rod from BFT, from their new series "Instinct". BFT have been working hard on developing these rod and they are made for heavy pike fishing! This rod is 792 H 50-90g (2,36m) and 2 piece, it's a good length if you are fishing both from bank/boat. The rod is made of high qyality material.

Recommended casting weight of the rod is  lures up to 90gr, which is good if you are fishing for pike. If you for example use our favorite pikelure Flatnose Shad that weights 50gr, and a weight of 10gr to make it go a bit deeper this rod is perfect!

The reel is from Mitchell and it is made for you who are fairly new to pike fishing with baitcasting, and want a reliable reel with good components to a good price. In this kit we have the Berkley Fireline Ultra, 8 150 m, 0,20mm Fluo Green which will fit perfect with the reel!

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Take your next step in pike fishing with this fishingset!