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Mitchell® , Abu Garcia


We paired the new BEAST X with a Mitchell reel 🔥

  • Beast X Castin Rod 50-90 gr (2,36m) (price: $143.86)
  • Mitchell® MX3 Baitcasting Reel (price: $89.87)
  • Spiderwire Stealth Smooth 8 0,23mm 150m Camo (price: $21.48)
This purchase will pay 3 998 fishcoins now!
What is this?

We have together with Abu Garcia developed this baitcasting fishing set for pike.

Why should you fish with baitcasting for pike? The advantages with a baitcasting reel are that you can cast more heavier baits and then you hold the line with your thumb when you are casting and do not have to keep your index finger on the line when casting, which over time can be uncomfortable.

Always keep your thumb on the spool when casting with a little pressure to make sure that the spool does not spin faster than the line runs out, it can create tangle and overun. It is also easier to controll the line by quickly pressing your thumb agains the spool so you don´t end up in a tree. 

Watch this film where our expert fisherman Edvin fishes with a multi reel!

In this set you will get a Beast X baitcastingrod that is new for this year that Abu Garcia has been working hard to develop. This rod is 2.44 m and two-part, so it is a perfect lenght if you are fishing from a boat or from land. The blank is made of high quality material.

The recommended casting weight for this rod is 50-90gr, which is perfect if you are pike fishing. If you for example use our favorite pike bait Flatnose Shad which weighs 50gr and then a weight of 10gr to make it go deeper then this rod is perfect for that!

Read more about weights for fishing deeper HERE.

The multi reel from Mitchell® and it is created for you who are fairly new to pike fishing who want a reel with good quality. In this kit we have included:

SpiderWire® Stealth® Smooth x8 braid offers a smooth, soft feel without sacrificing strength, sensitivity, or diameter. Stealth Smooth x8 is tightly woven with 8 carriers of PE fiber to create a tight, round braid that is Smooth for quiet casts.

• Coated with a thin layer of a highly durable, microcrystalline polymer for a thin diameter
• Knots clinch effortlessly and securely
• Soft and limp braid designed for long and effortless casting
• 8 Carrier, tight weave

Choose species: Pike
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Abu Garcia

We paired the new BEAST X with a Mitchell reel 🔥