Flatnose Shad Golddigger with stinger

  • Flatnose Shad - Golddigger (price: 139 kr)
  • BFT Shallow Stinger Small - Titanium (price: 129 kr)
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This bundle contains one Flatnose Shad in the color Golddigger and a stinger!

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What is this?

Edvin Johansson, known from Team Galant, is a young angler and lure builder with a big passion for pike fishing. The Flatnose Shad is his first rubber lure and it's a first class pike snack - the fairly small size combined with the big paddle and wide profile creates a small-sized lure that still makes a lot of noise and impressions in the water.

The Flatnose Shad can be rigged in many different ways to perfectly fit your fishing situation. We recommend to rig it on a M-WAR Shallow stinger. If you want to fish it a bit deeper you can add on a clip weight or use a flexhead. It's also perfect to rig with an Owner Beast Twistlock 10/0 for those situations when the pike hide inside the weeds. With a Bauer Power Rattle inserted in the paddle, you have all the odds on your side. Try it out!

This ready-to-use stinger works as a replacement for your custom built tackle or rigs. Easy to use and very durable. This particular product is made out of 7-strand Titanium and has a very long lifetime, highly suitable for those who fish in salt or brackish water or those who wear and tear on their gear a lot - pro anglers, guides etc.

The BFT Shallow Stinger Small - Titanium is made of 50 lbs 7-strand Titanium wire and are equipped with two size 1 hooks. The BFT Shallow Stinger Small fits lures like the Pig Shad Jr, Flatnose Shad, McRubber Jr and other soft lures around 20 cm.

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