Game Changer book by Blane Chocklett

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A true masterpiece of a book by Mr. Game Changer himself Blane Chocklett.

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A true masterpiece of a book by Mr. Game Changer himself Blane Chocklett.

Game Changer Flies have completely revolutionized how fly anglers approach pressured and wary fish around the world. Tied on a series of interconnecting spines, these flies can be drawn through the water with a serpentine swimming action or made to glide and jackknife in the water with hard strips—movements that predatory fish find irresistible.

In this book, from one of the most creative and visionary minds in fly tying and fly fishing, author Blane Chocklett shares his tips and techniques for getting maximum movement out of these flies, both at the vise and on the water. In addition to covering popular patterns such as the Finesse Changer and Feather Game Changer, Chocklett traces the evolution of his search for the ultimate pattern, and takes readers along his journey of discovery, by beginning with his Gummy Minnow and ending the book with perhaps the most effective fly ever designed for apex predators, the Hybrid Changer.

Step-by-step tying instructions for 20 flies
Chapter covering hooks, shanks, brushes, and other critical materials Fishing techniques, including tips on retrieves and casting large flies Close-ups of Chocklett’s favorite patterns
Detailed information on building brushes
From the Gummy Minnow to the Game Changer, fly tyer and professional guide Blane Chocklett has been at the fore of progressive fly design and fishing tactics for species ranging from trout to musky for over twenty years. He is an advisor for many top fly fishing and fly tying companies in the industry including Flymen Fishing Company, Temple Fork Outfitters, Yeti Coolers, Costa del Mar Sunglasses, Scientific Anglers, Patagonia, Renzetti, Sightline Provisions, Hareline, and Adipose Boatworks, and he is southeast regional editor for Fly Fisherman magazine.