Gator Explorer Bait Jigger Perch 7'6" 5-30gr Spinning

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When the perch are hunting baitfish you need a rod to deliver your bait to the spot fast and precise. With an Xtra fast sensitive rod you never miss even the most sensitive of bites even in windy conditions!

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What is this?
The 7’6” ft 5-30g super slim blank has immense strength to handle all fishing situations, even if you hook a big gator or Zander by mistake, you have control!

Fully equipped with G2 Apex ergo-vibration sensing seat, A-frame 316 stainless guides with micro tip guides, your super slim blank feels like an extension of your arm and a pleasure to fish.

Supplied in a cool white protective sock for transport security.
Ideal for traditional jig, shakeyheads, neko and offset fishing.
Rod length 7' (213 - 243cm)
Casting weight (up to) 30gr