Gator Gum - Laban 17 cm



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New Gum Bait has been selected from the new Swedish brand - GATOR GUM

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What is this?

This bait is impressive both in its action and in the materials it is made of.

The "Gator Gum Bait" can be used with traditional jig heads as well with shallow screw. This bait is like a hybrid between a regular swimbait and shad. 

Gator carry a wide selection of excellent colors for both murky and clear waters and for all kinds of weather conditions.

Buy a high-quality jig and get on the waters to hunt for great experiences!

Length: 17 cm
Weighs: 45 grams

In a short period of time, Gator Jigs have supplied plenty of big pike, incredibly effective both in Sweden and abroad.

GATOR - new Swedish brand from one of the founders of Leech Eyewear, Alexander "LeechZilla" Lexén.

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