Giant Pig Shad Bundle!

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Bundle with 2 custom colors of the Giant Pig Shad

  • Giant Pig Shad 26 cm - Crystal Bream (price: $13.63)
  • Giant Pig Shad 26 cm - Crystal Pike (price: $13.63)
  • BFT Shallow Stinger Large - Stainless Stee (price: $10.19)
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What is this?

Includes; 2 Giant Pig Shad's (Crystal Bream and Crystal Pike) and one BFT Shallow Stinger SS Large.

Sometimes the pike prefer bigger baits and then the Giant Pig Shad 26 cm is the perfect lure to use. Ideal for pelagic fishing when you want the pike to be able to find your lure from far away-distances thanks to the wide profile and the massive vibrations this one sends out in the water. It's also a good lure to use when the pike eats a lot of large baitfish like stocked trout, ide, smaller pike, bream etcetera.