GUNKI PERCH COMBO - Finesse Game Spinning 220 ML



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If you're looking for a spinning combo for Perch - Here it is!

  • Gunki Finesse Game Spinning 220ML (price: $54.81)
  • Gunki GT FV Reel 200 (price: $45.20)
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What is this?

The Rod Gunki Finesse Game Spinning 220ML:

There are seven models in the range designed for light fishing styles like drop shotting, micro jigging and micro soft bait styles. In fact any technique where accuracy and sensitivity are the key to success.

The lengths and weights covered by the range are ideal for bank fishing styles like street or rock fishing, boat and float tube situations.

The tips are solid carbon for the ultimate in bite detection and accurate casting and striking.  The reel seat has been cut back for extra sensitivity. The blanks are surprisingly powerful and these rods can be used to target a range of fish from perch and chub through to pike and bass. 

Great looking rods finished in elegant GUNKI colours and surprisingly good value for money of such technical tackle.  Profiled SIC anti-frap long leg and micro guide rings.

Action: Extra Fast. 1,5-10gr, rod has a weight of 117 gr.

Gunki GT FV Reel 200:

This reel is smooth to fish with and feature great gearing. We have worked on the ration of each size of spool to optimise comfort and control over each recuperation. The spools are the right size for braid. These long lasting reels feature a powerful accurate drag and represent fantastic value for money!

Plus Points - Dedicated lure fishing model - Compact design - Smooth running - Infinite anti-reverse - Body and rotor made from composite material - Aluminium 'shallow spool ' & 'LC Lips '* spools * (Smoother line release from spool for extra casting distance) - S-Curve oscillation system (crossed spires) - Long life pick-up spring - Consolidated bail arm - Anti-twist line guide - Micrometric progressive drag - Easygrip handle

Spool capacity: 0,17 mm
Ratio: 5.0/1
Weight: 249

Iron-T Slidebraid Olive Green:

Made from top quality PE fibres, we have worked on the density of this braid to get a perfectly round profile. This rigid line is great for intensive cast and retrieve lure fishing. A Teflon surface coating improves casting performance gaining valuable extra meters every cast.

The absence of stretch gives the line excellent linear strength and great knot resistance. The Flouro Green colour allows you follow every cast and detect subtle pulls on the line.

120m. Choose between: 0,095 mm, 0,119 mm or 0,149 mm.